Maple Grove

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your location open to painters? A. Yes, We are open daily from 11am-6pm.

Q. Do I need a reservation? A. No, but at this time they are preferred due to limited seating. We are accepting Walk-Ins.

Q. Should I wear a mask if I come into paint at the studio. A. Yes, all painters over the age of 5 must wear a mask for the duration of your visit.

Q. What safety precautions is your studio taking to keep customers safe?A. We have spaced tables further apart, We are limiting seating and have a 2hour time limit, all staff is wearing a mask and customers over the age of 5 must wear masks too. Strict cleaning protocols are in place.

Q. How long does it take to get my pottery back and will you hold it if I can’t come to pick up right away? A. It takes 7 days after the day that you paint for your pottery to be ready for pick up. We hold pottery for 30 days after your pick up date.

Q. What is a To-Go Kit and how do I order one? A. A To-Go Kit is your choice of pottery and comes with up to 6 paint colors, brushes, a sponge and can be painted at home to be returned to the studio at a later date for glazing and firing. Each pottery piece comes with everything needed to paint at home.  You can purchase a kit online through our website for curbside pick up or delivery.

Q. When can I return my finished pottery from my To-Go Kit? A. We have a drop off box for Kits  just inside  the entrance of our Maple Grove store. pottery can be dropped off Weekly from 11am-6pm. Just place your finished kit in the box along with the contact information slip that was provided and a staff member will retreive it. We will contact you for pick up when your pottery is galzed and fired.

Q. When can I pick up my glazed and fired To-Go pottery? A. Pick up hours are 11am-6pm weekly. Call us at 763-420-0005 when you arrive and we will place your pottery in on our pick up shelf located just inside of our studio doors.

Q. How do I contact the store if I have a question? A. Please email us at  or call the store  at 763-420-0005 between the hours of 111am-6pm weekly with any questions.